Hermanito/Hermanita Book Review

10 years ago while studying at UC Davis I met Dr. Khalid White and his wife Isela Garcia White. I later learned that Khalid and I both worked in the South Bay Area as educators at community colleges. Khalid taught ethnic studies at San Jose City and I counseled and taught at De Anza College. We both had a passion for reading and writing with aspirations to become authors.

Khalid & Rob

Khalid published his first book and film in 2016 called, Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph. Dr. Khalid White now takes aim at children’s literature with him and his wife’s latest release, Hermanito and Hermanita.

Hermanito and Hermanita take a look at a loving multi- ethnic family where the parents lead with positive intention. Hermanito means little brother and Hermanita means little sister.  Hermanito is Santiago. Santiago looks up to his older sister and brother, Amaya and Mateo. Amaya and Mateo learn about responsibility from their loving parents. 


Hermanito is a counter narrative that delves into the life of a bi- cultural family. The book is written in English and Spanish in a way that helps non- Spanish speakers learn new Spanish words and non- English speakers learn new English words.

Amaya and Mateo learn how to teach their brother Santiago responsibility after seeing their parents laughing and loving after cooking breakfast and cleaning up after themselves. Amaya and Mateo rhyme about chores as they do them. They sing and tell jokes while showing Santiago it can be fun taking care of your responsibilities.

Hermanito has three themes. Having fun while taking care of your responsibilities, modeling by doing chores, and nurturing the love of your family. Hermanito is age appropriate for all ages but will connect with Kindergarten – 4th graders the most. These books are must reads.

Hermanita is the counterpart or Hermanito. The little sister Ariana learns how to do chores with her siblings. Honestly, children are more receptive to learning from their peers and what better way to teach children about responsibility than to model it with songs, games and affirmations.


Hermanito and Herminta bring together the Afro- Latino community through storytelling. We need each other more than ever in these trying times. Providing examples of the Latino and African American communities working together is an act of social justice within itself.  Salute to Dr. Khalid White and Isela Garcia White. To see more of Dr. Khalid White’s work and keep contact: 

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