3rd Annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair, Oakland CA

Nearly two weeks ago, a “shelter in place” order went into effect here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Days later, a shelter in place order went into effect for the State of California, and a number of other states put shelter in place directives into effect. And now, we’re under national instructions to stay at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19, a.k.a. the Corona Virus.

It’s strange to think that only a few months ago things were so different. Here’s a flash back to December 8th, 2019, via some photos I took at the 3rd Annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair in Oakland, California. — Before “social distancing” was a thing.

Very special thanks and shout out to Chapter 510 and The Department of Make Believe for allowing us to use their space for the event.

Just beyond the photos below is an Event Roll Call with links to books. And keep scrolling down for a pint-sized indulgent treat!

Maya Christina Gonzalez of Reflection Press opening the event program of readings and performance.
Dr. Khalid White & Isela García White of BLKMPWR Books with their book Little Brother.
Attendees come to replenish their home libraries while supporting independent publishing. (Pictured here, Fred Korematsu Speaks Up by Stan Yogi & Laura Atkins.)
Angela Dalton reading If You Look Up to the Sky.
Llano River Blue blessed the event with the most inspiring craft builds.
Llano River Blue and her welcoming creative station for activists of all ages.
Beth Reichmuth and their book I’m Jay, Let’s Play.
Lourdes Rivas and their book Call Me Mix.


Justine Villanueva reading from Saga River Press’s recent release, Jack Meet Agyu.
Laura Atkins and Regina Evans as Ma Biddy from Laura and Arisa White’s book Biddy Mason Speaks Up.
“Me and Miss Laura, we talk about faith and hope…. I was born into slavery, but I was never enslaved in here [my mind] or in here [my heart]. I knew the ways of resilience.” — Regina Evans as Ma Biddy Mason from Biddy Mason Speaks Up.
Michael Genhart and their books Love is Love, Rainbow: A First Book of Pride, and I See You.
Young reader enjoying books at the fair.
Young fan in arms, Innosanto Nagara signs copies of their recent release, M is for Movement.
For the third year running, Tandem Partners in Early Learning supplies young readers with tools and inspiration at the Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair.
Young reader blesses the mic with readings from Reflection Press’s book I See Peace.
Nathalie Mvondo and Tony Tran of Multiculturalism Rocks! sold books by independent authors from near and far.
Daria Leavitt and their book My Family is From Different Places.
Francis of Bridge + Delta talking with a fan who came out just to buy a copy of Journey for Justice.
The family that colors together loves together. Coloring page from Reflection Press (check their website for great resources, like this gender inclusive coloring page).
John Casselberry reading from Courageous Adventures of the Konscious Kidz.
Taking a break in the sitting area.
Kamaria Lofton of Like the Moon Press stays to help clean up.
Inspiration from Llano River Blue quotes Harvey Milk: “Burst down those closet doors and stand up once and for all, and start to fight.”
With love from the organizers of the 3rd Annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair – Janine, Inno, Maya, Rob, Laura, and Matthew. #SocialJusticeChildrensBookHolidayFair2019 at Chapter 510 and The Department of Make Believe

Event Roll Call: 

Angela Dalton, If You Look Up to the Sky
Beth Reichmuth, I’m Jay, Let’s Play
Blood Orange Press, One of A Kind, Like Me
Bridge + Delta
Come Bien Books
Daria Leavitt, My Family is From Different Places
Dr. Khalid White and Isela Garcia White, BLKMPWR
Innosanto Nagara, M is for Movement, A is for Activist
John Casselberry & Madeline Connor, Courageous Adventures of the Konscious Kidz
Laura Atkins, Manzanita Publishing
Leroy Moore, Poor Magazine
Like the Moon Press
Llano River Blue, Craft Activitist
Lourdes Rivas, Call Me Mix / Me Llaman Maestre
Michael Genhart, Love is Love and other titles
MultiCulturalism Rocks
Reflection Press
Sawaga River Press
Tandem Partners in Early Learning 


Shameless Indulgence

And now for that pint-sized treat – as promised! (Special thanks to Kamaria and Like the Moon Press.)

The reason we work so hard, and create, create, create. Start those readers young! #SocialJusticeChildrensBookHolidayFair2019