Contributor Guidelines

What we’re looking for

Our mission is to empower kids and the adults who love them to care about others, stand in solidarity, and take action for equity and justice.

Our editorial team is seeking a variety of original posts focused on activism and social justice in children’s literature.

We welcome posts…
  • From authors, illustrators, librarians, booksellers, community organizers, academics, educators, parents, youth, and others who are connected to children’s books.
  • Focused on picture books, comics, graphic novels, and middle grade stories.
  • That lift up the connection between activism, education, caregiving, and family life.
  • That offer an informed and solutions-oriented critique of existing systems that involve books.
The Bull Horn is not a platform for…

Self-promotion of your book. However, if you would like to share related resources (eg an educator’s guide) or an opinion piece connected to your book’s topic, we’d welcome those submissions.


The contributors to The Bull Horn come from and stand with marginalized communities living at intersections of identity, experience, race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, and ability. We strive to place marginalized voices at the center, including the bloggers we feature on the site and the topics we cover.


Posts may include interviews, reviews, thought pieces, and teacher resources.



This is a public site that is read by people of all ages. Please be thoughtful about the language you use. More than “swear words” we will not provide a platform for racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist and otherwise derogatory terms. Hate speech, it goes without saying, will not be published here.

There are also many ways that “well meaning” folks can perpetuate patronizing, exoticizing, or otherwise “othering” stereotypes. This is a political publication and we will help you with editorial support on this front—but please also do your research and be informed of the issues around the subject you are writing about.


Post length may vary but generally should not exceed 3,500 words.


We always include images in our posts, and need you to provide them with your post—please only include photos and illustrations that are open sourced, that you own, or that you have written permission to use.

Submission process

If you have a post idea feel free to complete our Post Submission Form. The Bull Horn reviews submissions on a biweekly basis. We are a team of volunteers who are also working book creators, so we appreciate your patience awaiting a response.

Thank you for your interest!